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Newfound default budget is even higher than one that was amended

To The Daily Sun,

Registered voters in the seven towns comprising of the Newfound Area School District should be careful in the voting booth on Election Day, Tuesday March 11th. Whether or not you wanted to increase the proposed budget of the School Budget Committee, it was increased by the majority of those present at the Deliberative Session on February 1. If that action distresses you, don't consider voting against the increased budget, for if the increased budget is defeated in the voting booths of the seven towns, we will be stuck with the default budget that is $319,120 HIGHER than that already increased budget! So hold your nose and vote "yes" on the operating budget given in Article 7 on your School District ballot

We do encourage you to vote "NO" on the Teacher Contract Agreement, Article 2 on your ballot. Over the next three years of this agreement, teachers, on average, will receive raises of $5,000 while only being held responsible for 13 percent of their health insurance. The majority of our district's tax paying residents will not see a raise in salary or Social Security, nor have the luxury of paying 13 percent of health insurance costs. We DISAGREE with this agreement as it does not respect the financial inabilities of most taxpayers.

Slim Spafford & Sherry Nelson


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