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McCormack will be a strong, independent voice in Gilmanton

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To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Steve McCormack for selectman in Gilmanton. I feel we need a strong, independent voice in town.
I have known Steve since we went to Belmont High School in the 1960s. Steve was active in many extra-curricular activities in school. After graduation Steve joined the Army and retired with the rank of major. This in itself speaks of just the type of person Steve is.

Steve's track record as a military man and a senior field representative for the State of New Hampshire Employees Association has provided him with exceptional experience for dealing with people and problems. Steve is intelligent, articulate, energetic, hard-working, great sense of humor and is genuinely good with people. He is respectful of other the person's point of view and wants to research the facts before making a decision. Gilmanton would be well served to have him on the Board of Selectmen.

Steve wants to find ways to bring more business to Gilmanton in order to share the burden of our taxes. In addition, Steve wants to make our town services more efficient by listening to the town employees' ideas as well as our own and to give our residents a reason to be proud of this community. Let's return to our best instincts of community spirit and cooperativeness and elect a man who can help move us in that direction.

Vote for Steve McCormack on Tuesday, March 11.

Paula L. Gilman
Lower Gilmanton