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If Alton retains competent department heads we will save tax dollars

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To The Daily Sun,

Maintaining the quality of life and fair sharing of cost in our community structure is a very delicate and complicated process. Our Town Planner and Assessing departments in the town of Alton have become very proficient entities in the last six years, through the efforts of our present department heads. The effort to achieve a fair tax sharing structure for all Alton residents and helpful service for all who seek to build or improve their property within the present laws and ordinances of town and state that is valuable to us all. Having and experienced Town Planner on staff enables the average citizen to get the help necessary in developing their planned project legally and with respect for neighbors and the environment we cherish in Alton, without needing to hire expensive consultants and legal counsel. At the same time the Town Planner enables the volunteer Planning Board to be a strong and effective force when dealing with those who might seek to push through projects that would hurt the lifestyle and environmental quality of life that we enjoy here in Alton. 

The assessor's office has achieved a high reputation for fair assessing both locally and statewide in creating a fair sharing of the tax burden approved by the voters. In recent years our assessor has received high marks for his professionalism and accuracy from the state inspection office.

If Alton remains competent department heads, we will both save the tax dollars by avoiding legal costs while creating a stable and fair local structure, which we can all be proud of. Let's not turn something that works well for us into a broken, ineffective system that fosters conflict and costs us more money. The best way to limit intrusion of state and Federal interference in our local and personal affairs is to retain quality local government staff. Effective local small government trumps unwanted outside control.

Peter Bolster