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For New Hampshire, join me in voting for Joe Kenney on Tuesday

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To The Daily Sun,

In the important election on March 11, I will be voting for Joe Kenney for executive councilor. You should vote for Joe, too. As he demonstrated when serving as a selectman, representative and state senator, Joe Kenney's priority is what is best for the people of New Hampshire, not what's good for the special interests.

Part of the executive councilor's job is to oversee spending on contracts over $10,000. Joe's habit and commitment is to ensure that the taxpayers get the best value for the money that government takes and spends. Joe's focus is whether a project is really needed and, if so, to ensure it is done most efficiently.

If you think taxpayer money should be used to benefit special interest groups or friends, then Joe is not your guy. Joe thinks it is more important to reject unnecessary projects than to bring them in "under budget."

Part of the executive councilor's job is to help citizens with problems with government. Because of Joe's experience in the New Hampshire Legislature, Joe knows the contacts and the levers to pull to make sure that government is responsive and treats citizens fairly.

Joe is a strong advocate for the New Hampshire Advantage which enhances the quality of our lives and entices people and businesses to bring their wealth, spending, and new jobs to New Hampshire. Joe's life demonstrates a commitment to low taxes, maximum freedoms and opportunities, and commitment to our beautiful state and its people.

Joe opposes wind turbines (which increase electricity prices and only exist because of taxpayer provided subsidies) and the Northern Pass. If you want enormous towers running through our state and windmills on top of our mountains, then you should support Joe's opponent.

Another function of the executive councilors is to appoint and confirm court justices and department commissioners.

It is the Legislature's responsibility to write our laws. Joe will only support judges who understand their responsibility to enforce the laws consistent with the Constitution, not to change laws to conform to the judge's wishes. Joe will fight for commissioners who are committed to providing services as efficiently and effectively as possible.

If you want good government that provides needed services at the lowest possible cost, if you want maximum freedoms and opportunities, if you want to protect the beauty of our state, if you are interested in what is good for New Hampshire citizens as a whole rather than the special interests, then you will join me on March 11 and vote for Joe Kenney for executive councilor.

Don Ewing