Bristol has pair of new candidates who want fiscal responsibility

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To The Daily Sun,

As you attempt to balance your household budget, Bristol is proposing more taxes to add to your already overworked checkbook. By voting, you are choosing what direction Bristol should be focused on. We have a pair of new candidates who are for fiscal responsibility and living within our means.

Don't you think we taxpayers could use a break?

Only with the right people on the Selectboard making these decisions can this be accomplished.

We need a Selectboard that will make tough decisions that may or may not be popular, but will make Bristol a more affordable and attractive place to live.

We need to address our budget sensibly and not have some candidates putting out misleading information to the public. We need to vote in selectmen who will work together as a board and do what is right for the good of all Bristol's citizens.

This is why I am supporting Paul Manganiello and Andy O'Hara to do the job prudently and have the experience to manage our town. Remember to vote on March 11 (Election Day) and be at the March 15 Town Meeting.

Ernie Richards