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District 1 needs a strong advocate & Joe Kenney is that man

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To The Daily Sun,

A veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a longtime public servant, a family man, and a New Hampshire native — these are a few phrases that summarize the life and career of Executive Council candidate Joe Kenney.

In their desperation, Democrats have begun running from their record of neglecting Central and Northern New Hampshire and have taken to attacking Mr. Kenney. In an attempt to distract voters from pressing regional concerns like the Northern Pass and the devastating loss of doctors and medical facilities across the North Country, Democrats have sought to make the race for the late Ray Burton's Executive Council seat into a brouhaha over social issues.

I, for one, am utterly perplexed as to how Gov. Hassan can say with a straight face that Mr. Kenney stands for "blocking access to basic health services for women" when the crowning achievement of her party — Obamacare — is the very program that will force women and children throughout the North Country from their family doctors and local hospitals. It seems clear that the citizens of Central and Northern New Hampshire need anything but another rubber stamp for the big government agenda of Democrats in Concord.

If Executive Councilor Burton were alive today, I am sure that he would see this race as an important opportunity to have a conversation about the future of the district he so loved. Such a conversation would make it clear that what our region needs is an advocate who understands the complicated economic issues facing it. Indeed, we need someone with an intricate knowledge of infrastructural policy, a commitment to fighting the Northern Pass and preserving New Hampshire's scenic beauty, and an acute awareness of the want for more economic opportunities throughout region. What we need is a man like Joe Kenney.

Nick Mignanelli