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Please write in Dave Sticht for Meredith selectman on March 11

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To The Daily Sun,

On March 11, Meredith residents will be voting for a selectman. The only person on the ballot is a woman named Hillary Seeger. I don't know much about the lady because there has been no "meet and greet," nor have I ever seen her at a Selectboard meeting until one recently, right after she filed to run.

It was a shame that Herb Vadney did not publicly announce his intention not to run this term, so that others could file in a timely manner, and the race would not be uncontested.

I was speaking with Herb recently about this uncontested issue, and his news article about deciding not to run, the same day the filing was closed. I said I might have liked to run, but now it was too late. Herb told me the board wanted Hillary, and then someone told me that the board knew one week prior to the letter. We the people need to get out and vote.

I have decided to do a write-in at the polls and the person I think is the most qualified is Dave Sticht, a former selectman, who comes to meetings, and who attended all this year's budget meetings.

Dave has experience in planning, financial expertise, and most importantly a sound knowledge of the role and function of the board and the administrative aspect of the town. He has agreed to serve if winning this election. Please join me in this write-in campaign on March 11.

Rosemary Landry