Joe Kenney will be the taxpayer's eyes and ears in Concord

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To The Daily Sun,

On March 11 we will elect the person to fill the seat vacated by the passing of Ray Burton. It will be either Joe Kenney or Michael Cryans.

The Executive Council, together with the governor, has the authority and responsibility over the management and administration of the affairs of state. It's the watchdog of the state treasury, approving all state expenditures and contracts in amounts greater than $10,000.

As a taxpayer, I want a fiscal conservative like Joe devoting his full time to the job as opposed to a part-time tax-and-spend politician. I want someone in Concord watching out for my pocketbook, especially at this time when we are subject to uncertainties as to the cost of federally "funded" programs — think Medicaid expansion, if passed, and Common Core.

I am sure Ray Burton would support Joe Kenney as he did many times in the past when Joe was running for various state offices. If you want someone who will listen to the people and protect their interests, you have to vote as Ray would vote.

Joe Kenney will be the taxpayers' eyes and ears.

Vince Merola