Joe Kenney is only candidate who has state-level experience

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To The Daily Sun,

I know there is a race to see who fills the shoes of Ray Burton on the Executive Council. I have seen the many claims that Ray would endorse one candidate over another. There are state representatives who tell me Ray was a friend of Mike Cryans, but that he wouldn't back a Democrat over someone of his own Republican party. The truth is we will never know.

The position of Executive Councilor in District 1 is bigger than partisan politics. It is the largest councilor district in the state and requires a full-time councilor that has the ability to work with all parties effectively at the state level.

Joe Kenney is the only candidate who has state-level experience — 14 years as state representative, six years as state senator, chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee. On the local level he has served his hometown as chairman of the Selectboard. On the national level Colonel Kenney has proudly served his country for 34 years as a Marine. Joe has served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Times are just too challenging in the North Country to send a council candidate to Concord for on-the-job training. On March 11h I will be voting for Joe Kenney, a man of ability, experience and integrity.

Paul Simard