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Hillary will fit right with Meredith's legacy of good government

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To The Daily Sun,

New Hampshire has such a unique culture of civic engagement. We expect a lot of ourselves, and it is always so gratifying when we find that right combination of intellect, dedication and service that we are not just willing to support that person but want to share the good news with our community. It is precisely for that reason that I am writing in support of Hillary Seeger for Meredith selectman.

Meredith has really had it "good" over the past 20 years or so. We have been fortunate to have educated, committed and dedicated town governance, and Hillary will fit right in with that legacy. Hillary is fiscally conservative, but also knows the value of when to make good investments in our town to maintain our core businesses as well as attract a new generation of entrepreneurs.

I've had the opportunity to see Hillary's commitment to our community first-hand and I can assure you that she will be accessible for a wide spectrum of viewpoints before making a good decision based on the facts and what she sees as the right path for our community's continued good health.

We all have a part to play in our collective future. Each of us should do a bit of research (Check out Hillary Seeger for Meredith Selectman on facebook, it looks like she is doing the job already.) and then participate in our future by casting a vote for selectman. I hope that you will join Maren and I in supporting Hillary Seeger so that we can keep Meredith heading in the direction of strength and prosperity.

Christopher Boothby