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I'm confident Joe Kenney will carry on tradition of Ray Burton

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To The Daily Sun,

All New Hampshire residents seem to agree that Councilor Ray Burton was one of the most dedicated public servants we have had in this state. It is clear that he was totally dedicated to serving his constituents and made himself available to any and all calls.

Numerous letters and articles have been written supporting both Mike Cryans and Joe Kenney, the candidates running to replace Councilor Burton. From what I read they both seem like strong and qualified candidates. The big difference I see aside from qualifications is the potential dedication.

Kenney has declared he will be a full-time councilor with no other obligations to maintain. Cryans has a full-time job that I believe he has said he will maintain.

It's clear to me that Ray Burton could not have performed with dedication had he been responsible for other employment. As a result I feel Joe Kenney is the candidate I will vote for and am confident he will carry on the tradition and dedication that Ray Burton provided for us for so many years.

Harry Blinn