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If we aren't vigilant, milfoil will eventually take over the lake

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To The Daily Sun,

I am writing in support of Article 15 of the Moultonborough Town Warrant for 2014, pertaining to milfoil.

The milfoil problem in Salmon Meadow and Ash Coves was not addressed until 1991 and the first allowed treatment with Diquat did not take place until June 1997 at a total cost of $10,324 with Krainewood Shores Association paying $5,412, and the state of New Hampshire paying $4,912.

The association was allowed by the state to treat the coves every two years in the month of June with Diquat for the years 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, and in 2007 used 24D. The total cost to Krainewood for all these treatments was $25,808.

The only treatment in those years was confined to chemical treatments and no divers were used. The only result that I could see was that the association was spending a lot of money with very little success.

Since the town took over the responsibility for the milfoil problem I have seen a drastic change in the coves because of the additional use of the divers. I used to be able to go around the coves in a canoe or kayak and easily spot tons of milfoil, and thought that we would never get this problem under control. The last two years I have had a difficult time spotting areas where the milfoil is thriving. I know that we will probably never get rid of it, but the current process has made great strides in controlling the problem.

If we do not keep up the vigilance on controlling the milfoil it will eventually take over the lake, and property values will plunge which would affect everyone in Moultonborough and surrounding communities.

I would like to thank the Milfoil Committee for their tireless work in addressing this issue and I strongly urge every Moultonborough resident to vote "yes" on Article 15 at the Town Meeting on March 15.

Joe Keegan