Ms. Landry's assertions regarding Cryan's duties are incorrect

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To The Daily Sun,
This letter is in response to Rosemary Landry's letter in The Laconia Daily Sun on Feb. 26, where she stated that Grafton County Commissioner Mike Crayans, now a candidate for Executive Councilor, refused to recuse himself from voting on a county appropriation to Headrest Inc., a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization of which Mike was until recently the executive director. She also stated that "this behavior as a commissioner of Grafton County is unethical and the voters should decline his next appointment."
Ms. Landry, your assertions regarding the duties of county commissioners are incorrect. County commissioners do not by law have the authority or responsibility to vote on the county's budget. The County Delegation, which includes the elected members of the House of Representatives from that county, is responsible for budget appropriations for the operation of county government. In this role the delegates are in many ways more directly responsible for public spending. The county commissioners are the "executive branch" which is responsible for the day-to-day operations in both fiscal and policy matters.

If those of us who write letters in support of or against a candidate would adhere to moral, ethical, and honest information, what a well informed citizenry we would have.
Please join me on Tuesday, March 11, in supporting Mike Cryans for Executive Council.

Paula Trombi