Nothing, albsolutely nothing, will convince me to support Northern Pass

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To The Daily Sun,

Look out the window. Any window. Envision, if you can, everything you see under water. From a car driving to Manchester, Salem, Berlin, Portsmouth, Keene. All of New Hampshire's 5.9 million acres under water.

I'm having a hard time even envisioning the scope of such a concept.

What — 5.9 million acres isn't enough? Add another 100,000 acres.

Yeah, you just have to deal with it. No choice at all. It's going to happen no matter what you say or do.

Welcome. You've just become a pseudo member of the Innu Nation who've been slapped with that ultimatum from Hydro Quebec for Northern Pass. No surprise here. In the 1970s they bullied the Cree and Inuit, too, flooding 4,440 square miles of their hunting grounds for the La Grande Complex without consulting the communities beforehand.

We made serious, horrible mistakes dealing with our Native Americans. Now Hydro Quebec repeats our past errors by running roughshod over Quebec's native peoples and spoiling forever the free flowing and pristine Romaine River for totally unnecessary hydropower. If we support their actions to flood 6 million acres that will destroy pristine natural resources and override the outrage of their native peoples for the unnecessary sake of the power-grabbing bullies at Hydro Quebec Corporation, we are ultimately not only condoning, but also being an implicit partner to their actions.

They can spend their millions with all the new ads on radio, TV and in the newspapers to convince us to support Northern Pass. Nothing, absolutely nothing will convince me to support Northern Pass. Our care for our native tribes, the land and our principles should be way higher than that.

(Source: SPNHF's Forest Notes, Summer, 2013)

Everett McLaughlin