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Unlike opponents, Mike Cryans will put people above politics

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To The Daily Sun,

Election Day is Tuesday, March 11 — an important day for citizens to participate in local and state government. Especially important is the vote to send a member from District 1 to represent us on the Executive Council.

This five-member team provides advice to the governor, approves all state contracts over $10,000, and approves nominations to key positions. While this is an election with an "R" or "D" next to a name, it is essential that partisan politics be left out of the Executive Council.

Commissioner Cryans, unlike his opponent, will put people above politics. Mike Cryans has served as a Grafton County Commissioner for more than two decades. He has a proven record of service to his constituents, and he knows the importance of working as a team member. He has worked successfully in both the public and private sectors and continually has shown his commitment to economic development and efficiency in government.

To move New Hampshire forward we need a thoughtful team member representing the North Country. I urge you to vote for Mike Cryans.

Susan Wiley