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Mike Cryans is hiding his support for windmills, no matter the cost

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To The Daily Sun,

I attended the debate in Meredith between Joe Kenney and Mike Cryans. I learned something very important that separates the two candidates for the District 1 Governors Council seat that all voters need to know. This one issue will significantly affect New Hampshire's scenic beauty and the tourist economy.
Joe Kenney wants to halt windmill construction in New Hampshire. Mike Cryans stated that he disagrees and wants it to be a local issue. Mike Cryan's answer may sound prudent, but it is actually a deadly one for New Hampshire. Currently, small rural communities challenging windmill development are having a difficult time fighting off lawyers representing corporations with deep pockets.

I travel to Plymouth State University quite frequently because my daughter is a competitive figure skater and she uses their new ice arena to train. It is very disheartening to see all the windmills towering in the background. Instead of seeing a beautiful community nestled in the mountains, you are now distracted by large metal structures. If you travel west on Route 25 the view gets worse, with windmills on every hilltop as far as the eye can see, with most of them not turning. This is the future of the Lakes Region if we elect Mike Cryans. This will destroy our tourist economy and tax base because people do not want to travel to New Hampshire to see windmills.

Mike Cryans is not naive or stupid. He knows communities cannot fight off multinational corporations that want a windmill on every hilltop to maximize their profits. He has taken this stance of local control to hide his support for windmills no matter the costs. Joe Kenney is right to support a moratorium. We need a leader in District 1 that will represent the people who live here and not large corporations from overseas.

Please vote for retired Marine Corps Colonel Joe Kenney on March 11 and protect New Hampshire's scenic beauty, its economy and our quality of life.

David DeVoy