I'm a selectman candidate who is pro-Gilmanton & that is all

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To The Daily Sun,

To Gilmanton voters:

My name is Jim Barnes and I want to be your next selectman.

I live in the Iron Works. After a 40-year career in the propane/oil business I retired in 2011 to become a full-time singer/songwriter and entertainer. I travel the state performing music in a variety of venues. It's a great living.

To run for selectman was a difficult decision. I have never done this before. I'll have a lot to learn if elected, but I'm confident that I am up to the task. With your help I can succeed.

If elected I would come to the job with no baggage. No political affiliation to speak of. Sure, I'm a registered Republican, but not a Republican activist. It's just the way I lean. I am not a member of any group or organization in town. I've kept a low profile in the 15 years that I've lived here, but it doesn't mean I'm oblivious to what goes on. I just don't have any bias to bring to the job. I'm not anti-this or pro-that.

What I am is pro-Gilmanton, and that is all. This is a great little town, and if I can do a little something to make it even better, then I will be glad to do so.

If you have questions, concerns or want to offer guidance, please call me at 364-5834. But, please, not at 7:30 in the evening, as I enjoy watching "Jeopardy." I welcome your input. After all, the selectman works for you, not the other way around.

James R. "Jim" Barnes