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Bristol deserves someone who'll use experience as foundation

To The Daily Sun,
It has been a cold and snowy winter and March brings welcomed thoughts of longer, warmer days. This year it also brings a town election that has spurred interest among Bristol residents. That also is welcomed. C'mon this is America, and we are lucky to have choices. One choice for Bristol residents is to decide the best candidates to fill two Selecboard seats.

I have carefully decided that my first vote for Selectboard will be cast for Rick Alpers. In my opinion, he has proven his ability to contribute a convincing and succinct analysis to others that share responsibility for making a collective, cohesive decision on behalf of the town. These decisions warrant deliberate, prudent consideration of the facts while incorporating the vision spelled out within the town's Master Plan. A balance that is necessary for the future economic climate in Bristol.

Increased costs are not unique to Bristol. They are escalating due to economic factors such as inflation. We each feel the inflation factor personally, as well. Change is inevitable to harness some of the increased costs the town has incurred, and Rick is an advocate of working with neighboring towns to share services regionally hoping to gain better control.

Rick also has demonstrated his ability to lead through influence and example. He believes in transparency and encourages all to share concerns, ideas and possible solutions. This attribute enables him to best understand all aspects of the situation at hand. From gathered information, he is able to present a consensus, compiled from the suggested ideas of all residents and taxpayers. While it may not be possible to please all in every situation, his suggestions are well thought-out, and presented with the intention that will benefit the greater good of the townspeople. He has no other agenda than to serve this town to the best of his ability. It is a continued display of his passion for local government.

Bristol deserves someone that will use experience as a foundation for improvement going forward. That candidate is Rick Alpers.

My second vote will be cast for Shaun Lagueux who was appointed when Jeff Shackett resigned due to the residency requirement. Shaun stepped in and has shown that he is knowledgeable in the workings of town government, has an open mind and is willing to help anyone, anyway he can. He has earned, and deserves my vote. Knowing that you will be voting on March 11, I ask that you consider both Rick and Shaun when casting your ballot.

Janice Della Croce

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