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Who is best to replace Ray Burton? He answered question himself

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To The Daily Sun,

Ray Burton, the respected member of the Governor's Executive Council from District 1, had a long history of service to all residents of the district. Members of both sides of the aisle respected him and voted in great numbers to regularly re-elect him.

In the coming election for a person to replace Ray on the Executive Council, each of the candidates claims to embody Ray's attributes. Ray was dedicated to public service for each individual with a need. He considered each decision and with needs of the district, and voted what he thought was the right view regardless of external political preferences. After decades of such behavior, the overwhelming majority of the electorate came to respect and trust his judgment.

So who is best to replace him? Ray answered this question himself. When, in January of 2011 with a majority of Republicans on the Grafton County Commission, Ray declined to accept the nomination for chair and instead nominated Mike Cryans over the other Republican commissioner. Then again in 2012, Ray endorsed Mike for his seat on the commission over a Republican challenger. Two important opportunities to select a person from his party, and Ray personally chose Mike Cryans.

No one can fill Ray's shoes, but Mike Cryans embodies Ray's attributes of dedication to public service, thoughtful consideration of issues and respect for others who may not share his views.

Ray never tried to demonize his opponents and neither will Mike Cryans. Vote for Mike Cryans for Executive Councilor on March 11.

Louis Lieto