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I dare Harry Reid to fact check my experience with Obamacare

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To The Daily Sun,

I live in New Hampshire and have been treated for eight years for an aggressive form of lymphoma (blood cancer). During this time I have had two stem cell transplants (bone marrow transplants) and sustained over 50 rounds of debilitating chemo, industrial strength, as they upped the ante with each ensuing recurrence.

All my difficult treatments were with Dana Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI). I have spent five or six months in Brigham and Women's Hospital in association with DFCI. DFCI is among the best in the world. This type of treatment and care are not available in New Hampshire.

This week I received notice from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) that my policy has been terminated because of Obamacare, and I must go to the exchange for New Hampshire. The exchange offers only BCBS plans, all HMO and none of them includes DFCI in network. I must pay any service from DFCI out of my own pocket. I asked over and over what about "continuity of care" they answered sorry but no. I said "move to MA or die?" They said sorry, sir.

I am now struggling to find any other private health insurance who might include DFCI. I can only imagine what this is going to cost me. But do have a choice?

To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid: Every word is true. I dare you to fact check everything said herein. Obamacare has caused me untold anxiety and certainly will cause financial pain.

I am a miracle to still be alive because of DFCI and God. Now I am praying for another miracle, insurance that includes DFCI.

Here's hoping.

Tom Garrity