Are you kidding me? State still owes taxpayers of Tilton $900k

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To The Daily Sun,

March madness in Tilton is the only way I can describe Warrant Article 2 — up for vote March 15. The town wants to participate in another joint road improvement project with the State DOT.

Are you kidding me? The state still owes the taxpayers of Tilton $900,000. Yes, the one we bonded. And they want us to bond this one for $2.7 million. It gets better. The four roads in this project are state roads. Now they want the town to take ownership of these roads on completion.

The taxpayers should only bond our share of the project. Let the state come up with their own
monies. We are not Tilton Savings and Loan.

And by the way, speaking of the Lochmere sewer project, (Sewer Commission Chairman) Peter Fogg is running for selectman. One night at a sewer meeting my wife and I asked Mr. Fogg some questions regarding cost increases pertaining to the Lochmere project. He rudely responded that he didn't need this crap, adding that he also had a day job. Of course you won't find that in the minutes.

Stick to your day job, Pete.

Tom Sellew

Lochmere (Tilton)