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Ashland needs a little help & Fran is right person to do the job

To The Daily Sun,

Ashland has a great opportunity to elect a new member to the Board of Selectmen who will represent the people and help get Ashland back on its feet. Among Fran Newton's goals is to create transparency, stabilize and then lower taxes, promote teamwork across all town departments, committees and commissions, and have the people be heard by listening and communicating in a respectful manner.

Fran Newton's interest is the best interest of Ashland. Fran's hope is to collect information and feedback from Ashland's citizens and bring it before the rest of the board for discussion about what is best for our town and its citizens.

Fran has taken an exceptional interest in our community as demonstrated by the various roles and committees she has been on, including Health Officer, Budget Committee, Planning Board, HEAL Steering Committee, and MRC/CERT volunteer. Fran Newton has and will continue to impact our community in a positive manner, and I am sure she will serve Ashland well with dedication, honesty and consistent leadership.

Ashland needs a little help, and I feel very strongly that Fran is the person to help us. When I think of Fran, I think of the quote by Abraham Lincoln: "...government of the people, by the people, for the people..."

I believe you will agree that you will find her to have consistent and ethical leadership skills for a fiscally responsible, honest, transparent and sound Ashland, while remaining approachable to all voices and opinions. If these are the things you are looking for in Ashland, please join me in electing Fran Newton to the Ashland Board of Selectmen on March 11.

Carol Fucarile


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