Losing Tom as full-time assessor would be a huge loss for Alton

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To The Daily Sun,

I am writing to you today in support of Tom Sargent.

I am a certified residential appraiser in this area and have been for 27 years. I have dealt with Tom in the city of Laconia and now the town of Alton on many many occasions. Tom is extremely professional, takes the time to talk to you with his knowledge and experience, and has the personality that makes it easy to ask any questions to obtain the information to complete the job. His knowledge of the area, not only in Alton, but the Lakes Region, and his willingness to share his knowledge is top-notch.

It is my opinion that losing Tom as the full-time assessor would be a huge loss to the town of Alton. Having a part-time person to go to with less knowledge of the process and area would, in my opinion, not be in the town's best interest. The importance of the assessing process is huge in within the local government.

I urge the taxpayers and town officials to reconsider and to keep in mind by removing such an experienced and knowledgeable professional, would be a huge loss to the Town of Alton

Sheryl L. Whitney