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Niel Young not willing to embrace any strategy that could win

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To The Daily Sun,

Responding to Niel Young's diatribe of January 17, I would like to point out that in my opinion and as usual Neil is only half right, half of the time. It is certainly correct to point out that, "The GOP is in shambles nation wide." But Neil's assertion that the GOP in N.H. has no identity is just not altogether correct.

The editor interpreted Niel's letter to assert that "ESTABLISHMENT GOP WANTS NOTHING TO DO WITH PRINCIPLED CONSERVATIVES". But with Niel, it is clearly the case of it being the other way around. It is the so tightly principled conservatives that want nothing to do with a GOP that is not fashioned 100 percent to Neil's own dogmatic sensibilities. Niel hates the broader electorate. Niel truly believes that one day the broader electorate will have an epiphany and just swing fully right over to his always "Right" on every right wing-nut piece of ideology. They must do this because he knows he is right! If the establishment hates Christians then only Christians can be allowed to declare themselves as Republican? Clearly the recent primary indicated that more than just the Neil Young club of self appointed litmus-tested conservatives supported the same candidate he supported.

People like Niel Young are contributing to the GOP continuing with no message, identity, and cherry picking only the parts of socialism they want contained.

I thank Niel and his sponsors for putting on his very excellent weekly radio show where even the RINOs he hates are invited at least once to be guests. They come on knowing that they are going to get "O'Reillyed", talked over with a louder voice before they can finish their remarks. Niel gets many call-in hangups on his show each week. Niel is in fact intimidating and most of those hangups are the not pure that would point out a perceived fact or two not supporting Niel's ideology, but then lose their nerve before they are put on the air. Niel also blocks e-mails from many listeners who are also not up to the pureness in ideology he requires. Niel does not come out to Republican functions so he did not get to see Rep. Cormier recently lambast Jennifer Horne at one. Niell dislikes Kelly Ayotte but seems now to be quite enamored with Karen Testerman.

Testerman the fiscal conservative by her declarations that on defense spending, the 20 percent increases annually proposed by Romney in her mind are woefully short of what the nation needs to spend on that allocation. Ayotte of "The Establishment" going to the VFW to pander for the COLA increases to second career military pensioners that are to be restored anyway when they reach normal retirement age. COLAs just eliminated when the "conservative" Republicans bargained away entitlement cuts for eliminating cuts on what else... DEFENSE SPENDING. This completely destroying the SEQUESTER spending cuts and insuring the national debt in 15 years will be closer to $100 Trillion. The last NH legislature under Bill O'Brien eliminated COLAs in NHRS pensions as unsustainable against pernicious "COLA CREEP" and gross underfunding of liabilities. But Neil is not mad at Kelly for that advocacy of free spending. Kelly wants to print more money to keep those COLAs going for the 20 to +25 yr service military retirees with good paying management jobs at J&J and Raytheon. No Neil is not mad with Kelly on that one, as Karen Testerman also supports such free spending.

So Niel is just not willing to embrace any strategy either for broadening the appeal of the GOP brand or to actually win any elections. And that is how it has to be if the electorate mostly rejects the 100 percent ideology of Niel Young, and would only like a couple slices. We in the GOP must not be allowed to contemplate winning any elections until the broader electorate is made to believe what he believes!

How sad that based on the earful Jennifer Horne got the last time she was in Belknap County that Neil could not see that the establishment, principled conservatives of Belknap County feel essentially the same way he does about Frank Guinta. We are just disgusted that Horne, the GOP CCC, and SCC are not finding the alternative YOUNG candidates to the political hacks that they keep sponsoring because like Romney it is reasoned "they can" beat a Democratic rival.

Neil is half right. If Republicans do not convince Generation WTFers that $100 trillion in national debt in 15 more years is not in their best interest and the establishment Republicans do not stop voting the pocket books of their largest contributors then the nation wide shambles the GOP is in will just worsen. Frank is not going to win in November. He went to Washington and voted for debt ceiling increases WITHOUT spending cuts. He is now pandering for more socialism campaigning AGAINST shared sacrifice on entitlements. Shaheen and Kuster could be defeated but where is the money to come from and the support in the broad electorate to elect a couple of old saw folks like Testerman and Lambert? Ron Paul proved that the Generation WTFers are a natural GOP constituency, but not if the GOP has to be 100 percent Neil Young's vision and for sale to the highest bidders.

Tim Sullivan