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Cryans made budget recommendations only, lawmakers had final say

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To The Daily Sun,

In a recent letter to the editor, Russ Cumbee from Franconia sought to influence your/our vote by providing misinformation about the county budget process and Executive Council candidate Mike Cryans, and suggested impropriety.
To set the record straight, here is how the county budget is set and approved.
First, the department heads develop a requested budget, which then goes to the county commissioners. The commissioners meet with the department heads, go over the budget line-by-line and come up with their joint final budget recommendation. The commissioners present their recommendations to the county Executive Committee — nine Grafton County Representatives, usually three per district.
The Executive Committee then meets with the department heads and the budget is again gone over line-by-line. The final step of the process comes when the full County Delegation — every State Rep. from Grafton County; this term there were 27 — votes on the budget.
The bottom line is, the county commissioners (of which Mike Cryans is one) do not approve the budget — they only make recommendations. The County Delegation, after review and analysis by the Executive Committee, has final approval.

The April 23, 2012, vote referenced by Mr. Cumbee was not a vote to approve a budget line. It was a vote to recommend a budget line to the Executive Committee and the state reps who actually control and approve the final budget. To suggest that Mr. Cryans needs to recuse himself from participating in a recommendation process in the context of the myriad checks and balances involved smacks of innuendo and uncalled for speculation.

Mike Cryans, as one of the county commissioners, participates in making recommendations. Our state representatives have final approval of the budget.
As a point of information, contrary to Mr. Cumbee's assertion, Mr Cryans is no longer executive Director of headrest. He resigned effective, Jan. 1, 2014, in order to be able to give more time to his constituents.

Chuck Phillips