Ray supported Cryans to represent only Hanover, Lebanon & Enfield

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To The Daily Sun,

In Wednesday, Feb. 26's, issue of The Laconia Daily Sun, there was a reference to a letter that I wrote in support of Joe Kenney.

I apologize for my statement that Ray Burton supported only Republican candidates. Anyone following this election knows that Ray supported Mr. Cryans for Grafton County Commissioner. In my letter I did state, whether state or national election, he supported Republicans as much as possible.

As much as Mr. Cryans supporters want to use Ray's endorsement to help their candidate, let's look at the facts. Out of all of the towns and cities of Grafton County and all the towns and cities of Executive Council District 1, Ray supported Mr. Cryans, who represented Hanover, Lebanon and Enfield.

For all you other towns and cities that Ray always supported, I hope you go out and join me by voting for Joe Kenney.

It is true that at one time Mr. Cryans ran for the Executive Counciler of District 1? If so, I guess Ray supporters won.

L. Michael Hatch