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If you just want a rubber stamp on selectboard, I'm not your man

To The Daily Sun,

A lot of people in the town of Bristol feel the public safety budgets are too high and that's why so many suggestions for budget cuts have been made at public comment meetings. Portraying members of the Budget Committee and Select Board as radicals who want to cut the budget in half is unfounded. Public comment has been made by citizens for such cuts, but not by any elected member of the Budget Committee. If we vilify the very idea of suggesting budget cuts then we are doing a disservice to the town, its people, and to the entire democratic process.

For the record this radical group of "elected members" of the Budget Committee suggested cutting the bottom line of the budget by as much as $200,000. This would not radically affect services, because that amount was less than what you overpaid in taxes last year that will become part of the fund balance. This is comparable to overpaying your federal income taxes for the year and waiting until next year to be reimbursed.
I don't agree with the incumbents' attitude of "this is the way we've always done it" or "don't bring your tax concerns to the town, because the school is the cause for your high tax rate." This is not any way to manage, lead, or build a budget.

If you want your elected official to not ask questions and rubber-stamp every request that comes in from each municipal department, then I am not your candidate. If you want someone who not only questions every line item, but the very structural challenges of each department, then I would like to be considered for the Bristol Board of Selectmen.

Paul Manganiello

Candidate for Selectman


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