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Joe Kenney appears to be an experienced problem solver

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To The Daily Sun,

March 11 is voting day and two men are running for the New Hampshire Executive Council, neither of whom I know. (I did, however, hold a Kenney sign once as a favor to a friend.)

My election choices include, not voting, writing in the name of a person I do know as a token vote, or learning as much as possible about the two candidates and voting for the one who most closely matches my political philosophy. After choosing option #3, I spent recent snow days reading about Michael Cryans and Joe Kenney and here are some highlights.

Michael Cryans has numerous letters whose only claim to fame is that he has endorsements of past councilor, Ray Burton's siblings. I found it odd that none of those letters actually came from Ray Burton's siblings, but from Democrats who are quoting them. I would like to know if the siblings ever spoke to Joe Kenney about his views or his positive connections with Ray, and why they aren't writing the letters themselves. It seems to me that if Ray Burton wanted to anoint his successor, he would have done so.

Other articles quote both Michael Cryans and the New Hampshire Democrat leadership saying they would love to have a 4-1 Democrat majority on the Executive Council, (evidently a 3-2 majority isn't enough) but then in the next sentence, claim to be non-partisan. What?

According to their website, Headrest Inc., an addiction recovery service which employs Michael Cryans as executive director, relies heavily on state and other public money for funding. It is problematic that Cryans, as a Grafton County Commissioner, reportedly voted to fund this non-profit through Grafton County, and he has already said that he will "champion the people he thinks should be championed" if elected to the Executive Council.

In contrast, Joe Kenney's endorsement letters often mention his service to his country and state, as a Marine lieutenant colonel, state senator and representative. As a Marine, Kenney didn't get the choice of championing for only his special interest groups. He protected all of us equally. Working in the state Senate and House, he also learned the ins and outs of government and can wisely transfer that knowledge to the decisions of the Executive Council without bias.

Perhaps Kenney's biggest criticism from the Democrats is that he is conservative. For many that is a positive, and I look forward to meeting Joe Kenney at a Meet and Greet (before the I-L School District meeting at 7) on March 5 from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Meredith Center Wicwas Lake Grange. Open to the public, it will be a great chance to learn more about Joe Kenney and decide to give him a vote on March 11.

He appears to be an experienced problem solver who appreciates life and will represent everyone fairly.

Karen Sticht