Eliminating Alton Town Planner job will likely not save money

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To The Daily Sun,

This letter is directed to the voters of the town of Alton, and it concerns Warrant Article 43. This article is an attempt to eliminate the position of Alton Town Planner, a move that is not supported by either the Selectboard or the Budget Committee.

A town planner's duties are many and varied, including balancing the conflicting demands of housing, recreation, industrial development, and our environmental needs. All this and more must be done with consideration to both the short- and long-term effects of any action taken upon the town of Alton.

Eliminating the Town Planner's position will likely not involve any cost savings, and will result in a contractual planner who has no real involvement with the impact of decisions made upon our town. Additionally, and importantly, we have an individual currently in the Town Planner's position that is capable, courteous, honest, industrious, and adept at coordinating various town agencies and offices in their daily decision-making activities.

I have had the pleasure of serving with Ken McWilliams for the past two years on the Development Committee of the Pearson Road Community and Senior Center. His dedication, genuine concern, and follow-up are impressive. He inspires cooperation coupled with congeniality, no easy task in today's political environment.

I strongly urge a "no" vote on Article 43 in the March 11 election.

Fred Sallah