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Cryans committed to positive approach to government & service

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To The Daily Sun,

An important special election to fill Ray Burton's former seat on the Executive Council is coming up on Tuesday, March 11. I am supporting Mike Cryans for this seat and urge readers of The Laconia Daily Sun to turn out and vote for Cryans. Here are the chief reasons for my support:

1. Cryans was raised in New Hampshire's North Country and has pledged to advocate for citizens in every corner of District 1, working in a bipartisan fashion to help grow the local economy, protect taxpayers, and strengthen the middle class. Cryans' 16 years of experience as Grafton County Commissioner (working alongside Ray Burton) is a good example of his commitment to public service.

2. Cryans has received the endorsement of Ray Burton's two sisters (Joan Day of Concord and Mary Grimes of Columbia) and brother (Steve Burton of Hanover). They recognize that Mike Cryans is the candidate best suited to continue the extraordinary public service and commitment to the North Country exemplified by Ray Burton. It should be noted that Ray Burton endorsed Cryans in the most recent election for Grafton County Commissioner and supported Cryans as Chair of the Commissioners.

3. Mike Cryans is committed to a positive approach to government and constituent service, just as Ray Burton was. The negative and divisive initial campaign mailing sent out by Cryans' opponent, Tea Party Republican Joe Kenney, is the kind of ideological attack that Ray Burton would have had no part of. This negative attack piece clearly demonstrates why it is Mike Cryans who is the rightful heir to Ray Burton on NH's Executive Council.

Gary McCool