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Nothing extreme about not wanting taxpayer funded abortions

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To The Daily Sun,

Mike Cryans and a bunch of Democrats are disgracefully trying to extract the endorsement of Republican Ray Burton, who, unfortunately is no longer with us. They have invoked Mr. Burton's name in every single letter in the newspaper, every interview, and at every campaign appearance. They even went to the tasteless extreme of sending out emails of support for Mr. Cryans from an email address that appears as if it belonged to the late Mr. Burton. It seems that this imaginary postmortem endorsement is the cornerstone of Mike Cryans entire campaign.

Left-wing letter writers such as E. Scott Cracraft have also labeled Mr. Cryans opponent as an extremist. The examples cited by Cracraft are exactly the reasons I support Joe Kenney. There is nothing extreme about not wanting to fund abortions with tax dollars.

In the past several years or so I witnessed the late Ray Burton at several political events raising money for candidates that Cracraft and company would consider much more extreme then Joe Kenney, so Cracraft's arguments do not hold water. The Democrats and Cryans campaign have conducted themselves in the most disrespectful and disgusting manner possible, perhaps, because they have nothing positive to run on.

Who do you trust to look out for your best interest, the banker or the Marine? I'll take the Marine, he spent a lifetime defending Americans, not picking their pockets. Vote Joe Kenney.

Kevin Leandro

Marine Corps veteran