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Never tested & engineered for kids by people with no experience

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To The Daily Sun,

You may have been hearing about Common Core but have not understood what it is or why it's controversial. I heard a very good analogy that might help you to understand why the concerns exist.

An older woman came up to me last Friday and said, "Young man, are you fighting the new national educational standards?" I said, "Yes ma'am I am." She said, "My great-grandchildren start public school next fall and I've read everything I could about these new standards and who wrote them and why we have them here in New Hampshire. Please tell me if you believe this analogy to be true......

Suppose when they got to school my young ones were told that Governor Hassan required them to have new replacement milk that was bio-engineered by people who had never bio-engineered any other food before. Also that this new milk substitute had never been tested with humans for side effects, and yet all New Hampshire schoolchildren were required to drink it. Suppose still the new milk substitute was going to cost us taxpayers more in the school budget, and then we learn that the governor and commissioner of education knew there was better and cheaper milk available that had been in use for years but still they want this replacement milk forced on my babies. Do I have that right?"

She had it exactly right.

Greg Hill