I'm a Republican but Mike Cryans is ideal successor to Ray Burton

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To The Daily Sun,

As a proud Republican, I must say that I am sincerely disappointed with our party's nominee for Executive Council. Joe Kenney, a Tea Partier with a record of intolerance and obstruction, will not be receiving my vote on March 11.

Kenney seems intent on making this campaign centered on issues that will never come before the Executive Council. Why does someone who approves state contracts and judicial appointments believe he can influence legislation? That's not his role, and not what I expect from an executive councilor.

Take the gas tax, for instance. This issue will surely come before the House and Senate, and be resolved in the House and Senate. If Joe Kenney is so determined to get involved in this issue, perhaps he should make a run for the state Senate rather than the Executive Council.

The Democratic nominee, Mike Cryans, has the right idea about what an executive councilor does. A moderate with a proven track record of reaching across the aisle and delivering real results to his constituents, Cryans is the ideal successor to Ray Burton. It's no surprise that Burton's own family endorsed him earlier this month.

Mike Cryans can count on my support on March 11.

Hillary Seeger