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Mike Cryans takes a reasonable approach to problem solving

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To The Laconia Sun,

If you were to ask the typical voter in District 1 what offices were being filled during this next election, I am pretty sure that many would be hard-pressed to identify the open position of Executive Counselor as one of them.

 Every once in a while the man who has filled the office for many years becomes better known by the public than the office itself. This was the case with Councilor Ray Burton. Everyone knew Ray. The office is now vacant and needs to be filled and it needs to be filled by a person with the same qualities of experience and dedication to the office. Mike Cryans is that person.

Mike has both the time, the experience and energy to dedicate himself to the task of doing the people's business as a member of the Executive Council. The issue here is whether or not anyone can fill the big shoe print left by Ray Burton. Ray's family thinks that Mike Cryans is that person and so do his many supporters.

Mike realizes that the New Hampshire Legislature did not do its job when it adjourned last year and left thousands of New Hampshire residents stranded by their lack of action by refusing to set up a health insurance network that would free of flaws. Instead it gave Anthem a free rein to set up a flawed network that mainly benefits the company.

It is hard to believe that Mike's opponent in this race for Executive Counselor would support the extreme right wing agenda by putting the already-stifling cost of medical care on the backs of those who can least afford it.

Mike's reasonable approach to problem solving is right on track with those of former Counselor Ray Burton. His experience of 16 years as a Grafton County Commissioner and his knowledge of the North Country will continue to benefit District 1's residents.

When you are in that voting booth deliberating on who will do the best job for District 1, please, give your consideration and your vote to Mike Cryans.

Joe Denning