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N.H. Electric Coop bill is now $26.06 before you buy anything

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To The Daily Sun,

What's happening at the New Hampshire Electric Coop? It seems to me the Cooperative is making tons of money. How do I know that? Why are they raising the membership rate $2 per month ($26)? No reason was given, just a small paragraph in the flyer that accompanies the bill. I will be calling 1-800-698-2007, member service number. I encourage everyone to call.

The hard-working taxpayers are too busy with their jobs, family and paying bills to even read the flyer. Does the NHEC know this? I wonder how many people have called the NHEC? In my opinion this is unethical. I have noticed the increments in cents each month over the last two to three years, but this is unbelievable.

Another dilemma for the NHEC, is the Wireless Electric Radiation Smart Meters placed on our homes for over two years now, and I understand the network is not functioning. So they took the government grant money and now they are charging the customers for a meter nobody wanted.

Surprise. Yep, it has happened again. The New Hampshire Electric Co-op has increased the Member Service Charge. Predictions for January 2015 will be $28 per month, by 2016, $30.19, creeping to $35 by 2017. Yep, that's $420 a year before buying power.

If you look at your electric bill, it is now $26.06 before buying power, right? Now correct me if I am wrong, but with 83,000 customers times $26.06 would equal $2,162,980 a month, just in membership charge. That means $2.1 million a month plus or minus is going into the coffers of NHEC, before buying power. So the math times 12 months that equals $25,955,760 — almost $26 million a Year taken in — before buying power.

There was never a charge before, example, in 1993 NHEC electric bill. Do you remember what it was back in 2003? Well, it was $9.02 and listed as Customer charge, right? Take a look at your November or December electric bill, the member service charge was $24.17 before buying power. At this rate your member charge will be about $75 in 10 years, right? That's times 12 months for the year rounding out to $900 a year. Think? Do your math ... $26.06 per month in 10 years equals $3,127.20 before buying power? $75 per month member charge times 10 years equals  $9,000 before buying power!

Rosemary Landry