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Ray Burton always backed the Republican candidate & I will, too

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To The Daily Sun,

On Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014, a candidate forum for the Executive Council of District 1 was held at the Meredith Community Center. It was standing room only, and it was one of the best forums I have ever attended.

Joe Kenney and Mike Cryans did an excellent and thorough job of answering all the questions.

After I got home, I thought of one question I should have asked to Mr. Cryans. I have read many letters by supporters of Mr. Cryans. Most of these letters that Mr. Cryans has the most experience and qualifications to serve District 1.

Being Mr. Cryans only elected by three cities or towns, Hanover, Lebanon and Enfield as a county commissioner. He has no state experiences. How does this make him the most qualified candidate?

Mr. Kenney served as a selectman, state representative and state senator from District 3 for a total of 14 years. Senate District 3 serves 17 cities or towns.

Mr. Kenney also served his country as a Marine for more than 30 years. He served in Iraq, Afghanistan and in the Persian Gulf War.

When both candidates were asked if this would be a full time job, Mr. Cryans said no. He said like other present councilors he would continue working two jobs if elected. On the other hand, Mr. Kenney stated, he would make it a full-time job. He said he believed the people of the 1st District would want and expect that kind of service. District 1 covers almost 70 percent of the geographic area of the state.

After supporting and campaigning with Ray Burton for more than 25 years, I don't remember one time when he did not back the Republican candidate. Whether it was state representative, state senate, governor, U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate and president.

No one will ever replace Ray, but someone does have to try to continue the service Ray provided. I believe if Ray had been alive and involved, I believe he would have supported Joe Kenney.

Again, I say we need a full-time councilor and that person is Joe Kenney on March 11.

Michael L. Hatch