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I did little more research & found up-to-date Calif. water report

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To The Daily Sun,

The following letter is in response to a Letter to the Editor by Russ Wiles:

I read your letter, "Mother Nature didn't do it, Congress destroyed farms in Calif." (see fifth paragraph below for the factual information re: Mother Nature) in the Feb. 22 paper. I think your letter is misleading, at best, because you want readers to believe that your research is current and true. In fact you sprinkle some very, very old facts with a heap of fiction.

First: Let's review some of your references to the Central Valley Project Improvement Act. I went online and found a blogger who posted some of the references you alluded to in your letter. The blogger, Janet Levy, has the byline for this article. At the end of her blog post it gives a site as follows: page printed from www.americanthinker.com/2009/10/endangering_people_to_protect_.html at October 15, 2009-8:30am EDT.

This article that you quote does state the following.... "The ties of [Nancy] Pelosi and Pelosi associates to a former Communist Party leader and advocate of a "New World Order," which endeavors to destroy the free market and capitalism and bring about global governance, is suspect at a minimum." The conclusion of this blogger in part states: "For nearly 20 years, California's water availability has been precariously tied to decisions made by bureaucrats and politicians using the power of the Endangered Species Act." Levy goes on to say, "The effects of the far-reaching ESA could ultimately lead to the destruction of one of the most fertile valleys in the world", etc., etc., etc..... While you didn't quote word for word from this blogger's article, I found enough parallels in your letter to convince me that this just might be the article where you excerpted your points.

If in fact you did use some of the points from this blogger's article without searching for further more current and updated research, it is not fair and balanced, nor is it the latest news issued from the California Department of Water Resources.

I did a little more research. I found a report that is current and up-to-date from the California Department of Water Resources issued Jan. 31 of this year.

This report states, "The California Dept. of Water Resources has cut promised water deliveries from the State Water Project from 5 percent to zero." "The harsh weather leaves us little choice," says DWR Director Mark Corwin. "If we are to have any hope of coping with continued dry weather and balancing multiple needs, we must act now to preserve what water remains in our reservoirs." ..."It is important to note that almost all areas served by the SWP (State Water Project) have other sources of water, such as groundwater, local reservoirs and other supplies." In the last paragraph it states, "The petition seeks to minimize adverse impacts to the cold water stored in reservoirs for downstream fisheries and to allow for some level of salinity control later in the season. Otherwise, water project operations risk losing entirely the ability to control salinity in the Delta." So in fact it does look as if Mother Nature is responsible for the drought conditions in California.

The reports makes no mention of your claim that "in order to save the Delta Smelt, ..... acres upon acres of water from the Northern California mountains' have been diverted to the Pacific Ocean rather than the central valley over the past five years..."

May I suggest that you go online to access this updated report (in its entirety) with press conference and video titled "State Water Project allocation cut to zero", Sacramento, January 31, 2014-11:45 a.m.

Bernadette Loesch