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Mother Nature didn't do it, Congress destroyed farms in Calif.

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To The Daily Sun,

President Obama visited the drought-stricken San Joaquin Valley in California on Friday, Feb. 14, and announced to the nation that it is due to global warming. He has promised $2 billion in relief. He blamelessly floats above any responsibility for the "lack of water" devastation and swoops in to "save the day," acting like he's got the situation well in hand (summoning his inner Mighty Mouse).

Then after rhapsodizing about "shared sacrifice," he was off to spend a three-day weekend of golfing at two of the finest, billionaire-owned, water guzzling, desert golf courses in the country. No one begrudges our president his leisure activities. But the gob smacking juxtaposition of the two divergent appearances reeks of an arrogant hypocrisy and a callous disregard for what progressive liberal policies have wrought in this region.

Way back in 1992, Nancy Pelosi co-authored the Central Valley Project Improvement Act (CVPIA) while using the Endangered Species Act (ESA) to bulldoze its way through the agricultural landscape of Southern California. That would be the area that ranks fifth in the world as a supplier of food and agricultural commodities and the largest producer of fruits, vegetables, nuts, livestock and dairy products in the country. The CVPIA reduced water for central valley farming by a whopping 43 percent and allocated it for wildlife habitat.

So, in order to save the Delta Smelt, a useless bait fish, acres upon acres of water from the Northern California mountains were diverted into the Pacific Ocean rather than the central valley over the past five years. There would have been enough water reserves to carry the farmers through this drought minus the intrusion from the central planners and environmental busybodies.

We have the insane liberal-progressive policies to blame for the severe harm and destruction wrought upon these hard-working farmers. We have those policies to blame for the rising cost of food prices and the increase of food imported from foreign countries to make up the difference. Meanwhile, back at the Obamanian ranch, the president plans to develop a billion-dollar climate change "resilience fund." Rick Moran reports that this money will go to "green pork" and research to gather data on the impact on climate change.

William Busse of the Maricopa County Conservative Examiner notes, "As usual, devastation to jobs and economic ruin mean nothing to radical environmentalists. To them, the Delta Smelt's survival has a higher priority than the human condition." No Mr. President, California's drought calamity isn't caused by climate change. It is caused by politics.

Thomas Lifson reminds us, "Farms are being destroyed. Heartbreaking pictures of dead orchards and other sites are a current feature." Monica Showalter of Investor's Business Daily wonders if France would rip out its storied vineyards to save some fish that would not be missed if it became extinct. Thomas says that if Congress can destroy farms in California, it can destroy any industry in any state. Brian Sussman calls it eco-tyranny in his book of the same name. This is progressive, central planning insanity, and it is just plain evil.

Russ Wiles