70 years ago the Red Cross handed out cigarettes to young GIs

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To The Daily Sun,

Hooray CVS, what a bold move by the health and beauty chain, for telling the tobacco industry that they will no longer be selling their disease ridden products as of October 1. It will be interesting if their competitors will do the same, or will tobacco products still be sold at the Corner of Happy and Healthy, or with the Wellness Card.

70 years ago the Red Cross handed out packs of cigarettes to young GI soldiers headed off to Normandy, I'm sure lung cancer and heart disease was the furthest thing from their minds. 50 years ago the Surgeon General put the death label on the sides of tobacco products. Progress has been slow due to the tobacco lobbyists who deny there are any healthy issues. 

CVS is and always will be my health and beauty store. God bless anyone who has broken the chains of tobacco addiction, and God help those who have not.

I will leave you with a verse from the Beatles, whom all smoked. "I'm so tired I'm feeling so upset, although I'm so tire I'll have another cigarette, and curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid git."

Seven Belcher