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Republicans should vote for Cryans because he is from North Country?

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To The Daily Sun,

Congressman Henry Waxman of California is stepping down from Congress after 40 years. That is 20 terms. I wish John McCain and Mitch McConnell would step down. They too, have been there far too long.

Here in New Hampshire it is time to see "how things are done" with a new face from another part of the state to be the next District 1 Executive Councilor. In a recent Letter to the Editor, George Maloof said, "Since they don't make Republicans the way they used to." What does he mean? I bet he likes Republicans who want to pass as "moderates."

If I were a candidate for this seat in District 1, I would apologize for some of the councilors and their poor choices for commissioners and department heads in the last 10 years or more. Someone in government should have gone to jail for the part the council and others played in the FRM scandal where some folks covered their eyes to what happened to the trusting people who gave money to FRM believing they were "regulated."

I was a Republican in 1974 when I ran for the Statehouse and I am sure that Ray Burton had already served one term before that time. Whereas, I have very little faith in the Republican "Party" in New Hampshire and nationally, I find that statement intriguing. Is Mr. Maloof suggesting that the Republicans should vote for a Democrat because he is from the North Country? I suggest that perhaps folks in central and eastern New Hampshire might like to have someone who will also include them as part of his constituency, and I am one of them.

Mr. Maloof, I await your answer.

Niel Young