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Obamacare already turned poor situation into something worse

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To The Daily Sun,

There has been no greater political, social or economic disaster this century than Obamacare. The bungled roll-out wrapped in never ending horror stories, millions of canceled insurance policies, ultra narrow provider networks with monster deductibles has overwhelmed the logic of voters. The noisy, nut case supporters that filled this paper have become all but silent.

Democratic lawmakers at high risk of losing their jobs in November are running scared and speaking out. Even Democrat Carol Shea Porter is said to have ripped into Obama last week for not having left a trail of fired bodies over the mind-numbing failure of Obama care. Note, Porter now trails her Republican opponent in the polls. She and other Democrats find themselves between a rock and a hard place after their yes vote uttering you could keep your insurance and your doctor. These people know Obamacare stinks to the high heavens. More scary for them, they know the public smells the stench.

The main purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was to get the uninsured, insured. It isn't working. Only 11 percent of the people signing up were uninsured. The Congressional Budget Office ( CBO) now predicts there will still be 33 million people uninsured six years from now.

The statistics all skew the older and sicker are signing up. Why not, They are getting a good deal. They are going to consume far more health care than they pay for. The young folks, staggering under record college debt are not signing in numbers required to stop future premiums from rising by double digits, annually.

We needed the ACA to stop the uninsured from using the costly emergency room for routine care. The ACA has only worsened that problem. The vast majority of people getting insurance are being thrown on to Medicaid. Medicaid patients are 40 percent more likely to use the emergency room than an uninsured person. Emergency rooms now are being overrun with new ACA/Medicaid patients demanding to be treated for colds, sore throats, head aches and rashes at costs 15 times greater than being seen by a primary care physician. These people cannot find doctors who will treat them and doctors won't treat them because the government pays them a meager pittance to do so, below their actual cost.

The CBO just announced that the ACA was going to kill employment by the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs. Why? Because the ACA produces an incentive to work less, especially at the bottom third of the income ladder. The person who gets a $1 an hour raise or promotion pays higher taxes. In addition the person will likely lose all or a portion of their insurance subsidy making the person worse off financially. The person gains nothing by working harder to get a raise and get ahead. Obamacare destroys the work ethic of Americans and will keep doing it into eternity. Obama has made working less the better strategy.

Wasn't the ACA implemented to cut health care costs. The CEO of Aetna said last week unless the data changes his company would be required to increase premiums by double digits in 2015 to reflect the poor health risk pool of the ACA. Tens of millions are already paying far more for insurance than they were a year ago simply because of the ACA. All with higher deductibles and a much narrower network of providers produced by the ultra low reimbursement rates from government. Doctors and hospitals demanded protection from competitors in order to participate. The result: Less choice for you.

Before the ACA stock holders took the losses on the chin when insurers lost money. Not now. Can you believe it? Obama has promised billions in taxpayer bailouts to insurance companies that lose any money participating in the ACA. Obama demonized insurer profits before the laws passage. Now he guarantees their profits with your money.

Who can deny that Obama care turned an already poor situation into something far worse, now with endless billions of wasted taxpayer dollars for good measure. The same result we get every time government sticks its nose into private enterprise claiming it can do things better and of course to produce equality. All it does is create disasters of biblical proportion with pain and suffering for millions that is incalculable.

Tony Boutin