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What is 'extreme' is a national debt the other side of $17 million

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To The Daily Sun,

Well, the progressive nonsense machine is already beginning to crank up the heat in advance of the years upcoming elections. Anyone who doesn't tow the liberal-progressive political line is "an extremist" The Tea Party, Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, anyone who doesn't follow the narrow-minded, regressive, authoritarian governmental program gets labeled and smeared by the all-knowing, all-wise, elites of socialism.

For example the Tea Party (Taxed Enough Already): these folks want low taxes, smaller less intrusive government, our laws to be enforced as intended by Congress, and the Constitution to be followed. Extreme?

Just what the heck is extreme about that? Nothing that I can see, yet these progressives sink to name calling, racist, anti-women, anti-union, anti-poor, redneck anything to try to discredit the people rather the engage in honest debate of ideas.

Now what I think is extreme is a national debt of $17.3 trillion and instead of trying to even slow the rate of growth or, my gosh, try to reduce that debt, the always smarter then you progressives just want to keep on spending and spending and spending. That my friends is extreme. They act like spoiled children at Disney World throwing tantrums when it's time to go home. How much more of this will it take of putting our unborn children into insurmountable debt before their futures will be that of economic slaves to our own or even foreign governments?

I would also suggest that it is extreme to design a health care reform law that increases the cost of insurance to working families, raises the deductibles and co-pays, sometimes by thousands of dollars, to a point that it is nearly impossible to use and then threatens to fine those who can't afford it. I should also mention that it creates something like 18 new taxes, one of which is on new medical devices. A sure way to keep wanted or needed treatments for being affordable or perhaps available. Liberals pass over these things as though they are of no importance, below them to even consider the impact they have on people. That is extremism in attitude to me.

Steve Earle