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Let's elect individuals who will protect the Bristol taxpayers

To The Daily Sun,

Have we reached the breaking point on taxes in Bristol?

Who are we taxing? We are taxing the same base that has not shown any growth in recent years. If we vote to add all the warrant articles and additions totaling over $600,000 at our March town meeting, will add $2 to our tax rate. We need to stop this trajectory we are on and give the taxpayers a break.

Numerous projects and equipment have impacted the budget with increases in the past six years. We need to ask ourselves, "Will this make Bristol a more affordable place to live." Consideration for our taxpayers must be made and not continue to overburden our tax base.

I have heard that raising taxes will be good for Bristol and would not be a problem for people to pay. What's a few more dollars? Or I have heard the argument that they can sell and somebody else will take their place who can afford it. That attitude may have worked in the past when markets were growing, but presently this is not what is happening.

In the end it is up to the voters to show up at the polls (March 11) and Town Meeting (March 15) and make their votes and voices heard. We need to elect individuals that will care to protect the Bristol taxpayers and be prudent to consider the present and future of our town.

Ernie Richards


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