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Do your homework, don't just vote for names you recognize

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To The Daily Sun,

The time to vote is fast approaching. You must step up to the plate and cast your vote for someone who will run your business. As taxpayer, although a small one, the Town of Gilford is my business. As a taxpayer, it is also your business.

What do you really know about the people that are going to run your business? Does the person you are putting your X next to know anything about running a business, or are you just filling in the blank space with a familiar name? Are you just reading the letters to the editor about this one saying this person or that person would be good as your CEO. Is this person or that person good enough to spend your tax dollar wisely? If that person has never run a business, then why are you throwing away your vote?

Do your homework. Do not let your business fall below your expectations by voting for Mr. or Ms. Popularity. Stand up and be brave enough to vote the "spendy" people out of running your business. Vote for people who know how to stretch a dollar and live within their means. Just do not vote for me. I am too busy saving other peoples money.

Bev Buker