Removing all copies of Daily Sun from Briarcrest won't stop co-op

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To The Daily Sun,

Removing most or all of the copies of The Laconia Daily Sun from the box located at the Briarcrest Estates Community Center both last Friday and Saturday was very childish. Did you think that we wouldn't go out and get some more?

Did someone pull this prank because there was a letter to the editor both days in favor of the Lakemont Co-op buying Briarcrest Estates from people previously opposed to the transaction? Did you think that would stop the co-op from going on with their meeting on Saturday at the Community Center? Did you know we can read the entire newspaper online? Did you know that we can e-mail copies of those letters to others and also print them out to pass around? Did you know there are security cameras outside the Community Center? Did you know that we checked with The Laconia Daily Sun to see if they delivered their papers both Friday and Saturday, and in what quantity?

My guess is that you didn't think about how your prank would play out. You lost a lot of credibility by doing what you did. Please act your age and come meet with us to work on the problems you have about the Co-op buying Briarcrest. See you Saturday.

Louise Rosand

Briarcrest resident