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I am a candidate for Bristol seat on Newfound Regional board

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To The Daily Sun,

My name is Ben LaRoche, and I am a candidate for Bristol's School Board seat. I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself to your Newfound area readers.

Professionally, I am a captain and a paramedic at the Bristol Fire Department. Since I was hired there 10 years ago, I have made Bristol my home. I married a local girl, and we have two young boys that we are happy to be raising in this area. As we prepare to put our children into the Newfound Area School District, I want to ensure that they receive an education that will prepare them to compete in their adult life.

To do this we must have community representatives on our School Board that understand the effects of their actions. The School Board must be able to guide District administration in the education of our children, while not ignoring the financial implications of policies and programs. Unfortunately these financial burdens have a way of degrading the home dynamic, which is the single most important component of your child's development. The School Board is charged with education of your child, but for its membership to not weigh the financial burdens is counter-productive.

As a fire and EMS instructor I know that the role of curriculum development and deployment is a daunting task, but it is the foundation of education. As the District looks to add a curriculum coordinator to its administration, the development of curriculum and lesson plans must include representation from administrators and teachers alike to ensure that the individual needs of the student are being met.

Through the continuation of my own education, I know that a school system that is behind with their STEM education and is not providing adequate use of technology in the classroom is not preparing students for post-secondary success. I am optimistic that the District administration is prepared to lead our children through this phase in their lives, and I am hopeful that you will allow me to sit on the School Board to help guide them.

I look forward to speaking with more of the voters in the weeks ahead, and I would appreciated your vote on March 11.

Ben LaRoche