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Many Gilmanton residents can't afford no to have Year-Round Library

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To The Daily Sun,

Some folks think they can't afford the additional taxes if the Gilmanton Year-Round Library (GYRL) is funded. Quite the opposite is actually true. Many citizens cannot afford not having the Library.

Discounted hard cover books at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and BJ's generally run from $17 for hard cover fiction to $24 for non-fiction. The extra tax on the average property in Gilmanton will be approximately $20 to $25 per year. For less than the cost of two books you get access to all the books in the GYRL as well as those in other New Hampshire libraries.

Those who like to watch movies will find DVDs costing around $16.99 through Amazon for the newer movies. The lowest cost plan offered by Netflix is $7.99 per month to have one movie at a time. You cannot buy two DVDs or pay three months' rent to Netflix for the annual cost in taxes. As long as the Library is open you have access to all the DVDs at the GYRL.

In addition, the GYRL participates in a cooperative which allows access to many more movie titles than those in the library's holdings.

How many can afford to subscribe to three newspapers? The Laconia Citizen, Concord Monitor and Manchester Union Leader are all available at the GYRL. The GYRL's portion of the annual tax bill is about one-fifth what the Concord Monitor would cost to purchase for a year.

Those wanting to use the internet will pay $14.95 per month for a low-speed DSL line. The Library offers high speed internet access either with one of the Library's six guest computers or via wifi for those fortunate enough to have a portable device. Less than two month's payments for a low-speed DSL, covers the extra tax and gives high-speed internet access, without the need to own a personal computer. Because of the GYRL, many Gilmanton residents, who cannot afford a computer or access to the internet, are able to search for a job, type and print out resumes, complete homework assignments and otherwise avail themselves of what the internet has to offer.

It makes sense to fund the Gilmanton Year-Round Library for all of the above reasons.

Stan Bean