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Person Mrs. Cyr allegedly took money from was not our client

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To The Daily Sun,

This letter is in reference to a story in the February 13, 2014 edition of The Laconia Daily Sun regarding the former director of Inter-Lakes Food Services and his wife being indicted for theft while employed at Live Free Home Health Care. We feel it necessary to respond as we have an obligation to our many clients, friends and associates in our home health care profession.

Two inaccuracies in the article need to be noted. One paragraph mentions a client that Mrs. Cyr took money from in August. That person was not a client of Live Free Home Health Care, nor did management have any knowledge that Mrs. Cyr was seeing a client privately. We had no knowledge of a theft in August until reading the article being discussed.

In this case, as shocked and dismayed as we were, when learning from Mrs. Cyr of the theft, we took immediate and appropriate action in terminating Mrs. Cyr's employment, notifying the Board of Nursing, the Bureau of Elder and Adult Services and the Meredith Police Department.

It is a sad case when an employee breaks the law. In this case it has damaged the relationship between not just one client and caregiver, but all clients and caregivers by bringing into question the integrity of all health care agencies.

When an employee is hired at Live Free Home Health Care, they must pass a strenuous array of screening checks and training before they are allowed to interface with a client or patient. In the case of Shirley Cyr, she successfully passed a State Police background check, a drug screening, and had no previous reports of abuses or problems dealing with the elderly. She also passed a rigorous in-house training program conducted by our care manager.
It should also be noted that Live Free Home Care is a fully insured and licensed home health care agency by the State of New Hampshire. We also maintain theft insurance, where if a client does experience a loss due to theft, they are reimbursed. We proudly have maintained an unblemished record since the day we opened in 2006. We hold the care of our clients to the highest of standards and will continue to do so.

We at Live Free Home Health Care will shoulder the responsibility for Mrs. Cyr's actions, but want your readers and our clients, friends and associates to know how hard we work to assure that these acts never happen in the first place

We look forward to a continued good working relationship with our partner agencies and current and future clients.

Jason Harvey CFOO

Jennifer Harvey RN CDP, CEO & Clinical Director


Live Free Home Care