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Most Bristol residents are happy with quality of town services

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To The Daily Sun,

Recently, Carol Huber, a Bristol Budget Committee member and resident, wrote a letter hoping to show what is wrong with Bristol's leadership and why rents and property taxes keep going up.

She advised that folks should watch the Feb. 6 Bristol Selecboard video, and especially part 2. She gave kudos to Garlyn Manganiello, whose husband, is running for selectman. As I recollect in the lengthy list of imagined ills she spoke of the only thing she left out was to vote for her husband.

She next addressed resident Paul Simard and his concerns for the Bristol taxpayer and a crazy comparison with the Town of Weare and its budget. She quotes him as saying lots of people share his wife's sentiment to get the heck out of Bristol. I wonder who these "lots of people" are? In a recent survey of Bristol's townspeople showing up in the Good, Very Good, or Excellent column, respondents answered the following way:

1. Library 98 percent, 2. Fire 95 percent , 3. Emergency/Rescue 95 percent, 4. Cemetery 85 percent, 5. Town Offices 91 percent, 6. Recreation Areas 89 pecent, 7. Trash/Recycling 88 pecent, 8. Health Services 76 percent, 9. Water/Sewer 81 percent, 10. Police 83 percent, 11. Condition of Roads 82 percent.

This doesn't sound like folks are planning to move out in droves to me. Instead it sounds like folks recognize good government when they see it and they do see it in Bristol.

Joe Denning, Selectman