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Good choice to shop at farmer's market & support local economy

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To The Daily Sun,

Consumer choices abound these days. What to eat and where to find good quality food are at the top of the list for many. Consumers also choose whether to head to the mall or support local artisans when shopping for gifts and special things and they often long to support — and feel connected to — their local communities. For many consumers, making choices that support personal values like living a greener life is more important than ever. The Tilton Winter Farmers' Market makes those choices easier than ever.

The market offers an opportunity for shoppers to buy delicious prepared foods, winter greens and other veggies, locally-produced wines, mushrooms, beer, and high-quality crafts and body care products. But this one-stop shopping experience is just the beginning. Many people believe that eating locally is close to impossible in the depths of a New Hampshire winter, but this market proves otherwise. Dairy products, honey, vegetables, baked goods, condiments, fresh herbs and meats — all from local farms and producers.

But that's just the beginning. Just as importantly, the market is a welcome winter opportunity to step in from the cold to chat with friends, sip a hot drink and nibble a sweet treat. There's plenty of sampling to be enjoyed. All to the rhythms of local musicians. It's fun.

The Tilton Winter Farmers' Market, now in its third year, was voted as Editor's Pick in NH Magazine's Best of New Hampshire 2013 awards.
With support from AutoServ Dealerships of Tilton, the market features more than 45 vendors featured every Saturday and Sunday, and the market will continue through the months of February and March. It's a rich and lively indoor destination for weather-weary shoppers.

Choosing to support the local economy by shopping at the market this weekend is a good choice for individuals and the community as a whole.

The University of Vermont recently shared these 10 reasons to buy local food: Locally grown food tastes and looks better; local food is better for you; local food preserves genetic diversity; local food is safe; local food supports local families; local food builds community; local food preserves open space; local food keeps taxes down; local food benefits the environment and wildlife; and local food is an investment in the future.

The Tilton Winter Farmers' Market, located at 67 East Main St. in Tilton, across from AutoServ of Tilton, is open weekends through March, Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. To 2 p.m. The market facility is fully handicap accessible. For more information, visit www.tiltonwinterfarmersmarket.com and on Facebook at facebook.com/TiltonWinterFarmersMarket.

Joan O'Connor, Manager

Tilton Winter Farmers